Nutella Hot Chocolate

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February 27, 2015 1 Comments

The greatest ever winter pleasure when the weather is cold and stormy outside is cuddling up by a crackling fireplace with a good read, a warm blanket and a mug of thick, creamy hot chocolate.

Can anyone disagree??

Nutella Jar Hack

Make that a Nutella hot chocolate and you won’t want to do anything else for days!

This is as simple as the hot chocolate you would make from a powder mix, but surpasses the instant stuff in all aspects. It has a deep chocolate flavor and a satisfying richness you would expect from a true hot chocolate.  

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Fresh whipped cream or toasted  marshmallows to top it off and you have the perfect complement to that awesome book you’re reading.

And if you’re at the end of you’re Nutella Jar, you can still make a delicious, creamy hot chocolate with my Nutella Jar Hack as seen below! 

Nutella Hot Chocolate

1 Serving

2-3 tbsp Nutella*
1 cup Milk
Marshmallows or Fresh Whipped Cream for garnish

Place desired amount of Nutella in the bottom of a mug. Bring the milk to a boil and pour it into the mug. Stir or whisk the milk until the Nutella has completely dissolved. Top with whipped cream or marshmallows and enjoy!

*Note: I love mine decadent and chocolatey with a prominent Nutella flavor so I go for about 3 tbsp of Nutella per 1 cup of milk, but do adjust to your liking. 2 tbsp still gives it a creamy, chocolatey flavor with Nutella undertones.

Empty Nutella Jar Hack

You get to the end of a Nutella jar, and there is still so much of that delicious chocolate gold smeared all over the sides. Scraping it off is a pain and I will NOT throw it away!

That ordeal lead me to come up with this technique of making hot chocolate right in the jar. I just heat up some milk to about 125ºF**, pour it into the jar, seal the jar tightly and shake until its an even chocolate brown. Adjust the hot chocolate to taste by adding more milk if desired. You’ll have creamy, frothy hot chocolate in minutes! 

Be sure to check out my Nutella Jar Hot Chocolate video below, but be warned, you’ll want to check to see if you have an empty Nutella jar on hand ;). You can also see my Instagram version from a few months ago here!

**PLEASE MAKE SURE THE MILK IS NOT TOO HOT, especially if your Nutella jar is plastic. Boiling milk WILL MELT the jar. Trust me, I experimented on your behalf :).

February 27, 2015