For a Well-Stocked Kitchen

I have always loved being in the kitchen. Taking simple ingredients, doing some magic and ending up with a delicious meal or dessert is something I genuinely enjoy doing for fun. It is my blank canvas, my science lab, my place to experiment and create tastes that will satisfy any palate. I am not afraid to go on an adventure through food, to be transported to an exotic place through my taste buds. This can be overwhelming for some, but I believe that being prepared makes all of it much simpler which is why having key ingredients and utensils on hand is so important. Simply put, a well-stocked kitchen is a happy kitchen.

Here are some of my suggestions of key ingredients to have on hand in your pantry, spice cabinet, fridge, freezer and even your garden so you can make almost anything you crave when you want. These lists are definitely not exhaustive or necessary, merely what I like having on hand. Many of the non-perishables are things I replace once I am out of, including canned goods, spices, and oils. For perishables, I buy them when I need them and replace when I know I will be using them up. If you are just starting out, there is no need to go out and buy everything at once, just as you will be using the item for certain dishes, and slowly but surely, you will have a well stocked kitchen.


Spice Cabinet

Fridge & Freezer 



My Favorites